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The Digital Citizenship Curriculum ©2019 offered by Common Sense Education prepares students to “take ownership of their digital lives.” The lessons and interactive games provide students with the digital citizenship skills required to participate fully in their communities and to make smart choices online and in life. The curriculum prepares students with critical 21st-century skills, supports educators, and engages the whole family through outreach.

Rainbow worked collaboratively with Common Sense Education to develop the Grades 6–8 lesson outlines, lesson plans, student handouts, lesson slides, and end-of-lesson quizzes.

Rainbow’s team was also responsible for correlating the content to the following sets of standards: Common Core, ISTE, CASEL, and AASL.

In addition, Rainbow provided Spanish translations for all lessons, student handouts, lessons slides, end-of-lesson quizzes, parent tip sheets, and family activity handouts.

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Spotlight on Spanish ©2017 is an early childhood elective program that taps children’s natural curiosity for learning and the ability to acquire more than one language. Built around Learning Care Group’s existing Preschool and Pre-K routines, children engage in stories, songs, and games to learn Spanish words and phrases. Rainbow conceptualized and developed content for three 10-week semesters. Each semester includes a Teacher Guide, Classroom Flipchart, and Student Workbook. Working closely with our client-partner, Rainbow’s team also conceptualized the designs and handled all production tasks through delivery of final files to the printer.

Green Semester Teacher Guide Lesson
Red Semester Class Flipchart Los animales
Blue Semester Class Flipchart El tiempo