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Rainbow excels at identifying and applying the precise resources a particular product demands, from video production and animation to writing stories or teacher activities, or developing an entire curriculum based on scientific research and standards. The digital world offers opportunities to provide instruction and content in remarkable new ways that maximize student engagement, teacher enthusiasm, and learning success. We believe that every problem is an opportunity for us to propose and execute workable solutions.

1Case Study: Voices Leveled Reading Assessment

Voices Leveled Reading Benchmark Assessment Kit ©2013


Rainbow and Zaner-Bloser have worked together on large, full-service projects for many years.


For this project, Rainbow conceptualized and developed the Voices Leveled Reading Benchmark Assessment Kit. Rainbow was responsible for all stages in the workflow (ideation, scope and sequence, prototyping, author meetings, manuscript development, and page proof reviews from 1PP through printer PDFs).

Product Description

This kit includes 56 leveled readers and 48 leveled passages. The readers and passages span Fountas & Pinnell levels A–Z and are used in K–6 classrooms. The kit includes one nonfiction and one fiction reader or passage per level. The content of the nonfiction readers is science and social studies based.

Rainbow also conceptualized and developed Oral Reading Assessments (ORA) for each reader and passage to give teachers ready-made running records to get an accurate picture of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each ORA assesses reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. Record-keeping space allows teachers to record and evaluate data, and make comments regarding future instruction. The accompanying teacher’s guide shows teachers how to effectively use leveled readers and passages. Teacher instruction also models how to use the results of ORAs to guide student placement in guided reading groups and for independent reading.

  • Lets Swim
  • Fun at School
  • Oral Reading Assessment
  • “Thanks again for your time, support, and expertise! I know the program authors were very impressed and pleased with the work you have done!”

    Marytherese Croarkin, Senior Vice President, Product Development
2Case Study: Ladders Common Core Readers

Ladders Common Core Readers ©2013

National Geographic | Cengage Learning

Rainbow and National Geographic | Cengage Learning have had a successful client-partner relationship for more than 20 years.


Rainbow worked collaboratively with the client to develop the Grade 5 Teacher Guide for Ladders Common Core Readers. Rainbow was responsible for editorial development, design, page composition in InCopy-enabled InDesign file format, full review of Printer PDFs on InSite, production through final file delivery, and alignment and correlation to CCSS.

Product Description

Ladders is a supplemental content literacy program that includes student books and teacher materials. Science and social studies content is highlighted through multiple genres. The student books were created for four different reading levels, but included the same content. The laddered approach to leveled readers was created in order to differentiate while still providing a shared experience. The teacher materials provide easy-to-use instructional plans for content, comprehension, and writing goals to ensure complete coverage of Common Core Standards for Literature, Informational Text Reading, and Informational Text Writing.

Rainbow’s editorial, design, and management team worked cohesively with National Geographic | Cengage Learning to ensure the files flowed seamlessly between all groups and the highest quality content was delivered.

  • Ladders
  • Urban Transformations
  • Ladders Books
  • “Thanks and good job on the TG!”

    Elizabeth Gabbard, Production Manager
National Geographic Cengage Learning
3Case Study: Close Reading Packs

Close Reading Packs ©2014

Learning A-Z

Rainbow has partnered on numerous projects with Learning A-Z. The web-based Close Reading Packs, Grades 2–6, is our most recent success story.


Rainbow was responsible for the ideation of the program structure, components, packet topics, scope and sequence skills chart, and the prototype and template creation. During live development our team was responsible for all content development, design, production through final file delivery, art creation and image tracking, alignment and correlation to CCSS, and complete project management.

Product Description

Close Reading Packs promote careful analysis of text through critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Students contemplate a Key Question as they read leveled passages on a common topic. Reading is followed by small-group and whole-class discussions. A Connecting Passage links the topic together and students apply knowledge gained from reading closely and discussing the passages.

Teacher resources include Teaching Tips for each packet to help facilitate close reading and discussion. Other components include student response sheets, projectables, and role sheets.

The packets include Informational and Literary Text topics that are science and social studies based. Close Reading Packs provide complete coverage of Common Core State Standards for Informational Text Reading and Literature.

  • Giraffes
  • Student Response Sheet
  • Hua Mulan goes to War
  • “I had little experience working with anyone other than our tight-knit internal team to provide a complete product solution before working with Rainbow. I had worked with outside teams on prototyping, editorial, or production for a product, but not all three. Rainbow's team provided such a successful solution from beginning to end that I am in the midst of another project with their team. I couldn't be more thrilled with how easy they make my job through effective communication and first-rate professionalism.”

    Racheal Rice, Project Editor
Learning A-Z
4Case Study: FLEX Literacy

FLEX Literacy ©2014


Rainbow and McGraw-Hill Education continued a long-standing, strong partnership with the recent development of the FLEX Literacy program.


Rainbow was responsible for the editorial development of the entire Project Experience component as well as elements of the Digital Experience. Our team developed the grammar, usage, and mechanics animation scripts; critical thinking applications; individualized instructional lessons; portfolio projects; background video scripts; and ePresentations. All content was aligned and correlated to Common Core State Standards. Rainbow also provided complete project management for the oversight of content development.

Product Description

FLEX Literacy is a comprehensive Reading/Language Arts Intervention System for struggling readers, Grades 3–8 in Tiers 2, 3, and 4. The program was built on a research-based instructional model to reach students of various reading levels. The program blends three learning experiences: individualized instruction, small-group and differentiated instruction, and collaborative learning.

The Digital Experience provides students the opportunity to receive comprehensive instruction that supports skill development, fluency, comprehension strategies, and writing-centered projects.

Rainbow worked seamlessly with McGraw-Hill’s editorial, design, technology, and graphics teams to deliver the exceptional content found in FLEX Literacy.

  • Flex Literacy
  • Individualized Instructions
  • Definition Cards
  • “You’ve asked all the right questions, taken the initiative at appropriate times, and demonstrated an appropriate amount of dread at these crazy schedules. I am confident that we could not be working with a better group right now.”

    Joel Kupperstein, Sr. Product Sponsor
McGraw Hill
5Case Study: Florida ELA Assessment

Florida ELA Assessment ©2014

Riverside Publishing

Rainbow has created a strong partnership with Riverside Publishing through multiple assessment products our two teams have developed together recently. Florida ELA Assessment is one example of a project where Rainbow provided full-service “soup-to-nuts” product development.


Over the course of 18 months, Rainbow was responsible for the ideation and conceptualization of passage topics for GK–G12 literary and informational passages. For Grades K–8, the passages were leveled according to Fountas & Pinnell benchmarks. For Grades 9–12, passages were leveled according to Lexile levels designated by Common Core State Standards. Rainbow spearheaded the item development plans for the passages. Our team was responsible for determining standards alignment, item types, DOK levels, and difficulty levels for each item.

Product Description

The passages and items Rainbow developed provided comprehensive coverage of Informational Text and Literature Common Core State Standards. Item types found in this product are selected response, constructed response, extended response, essay, and performance task items.

The Rainbow editorial and art teams worked cohesively to ensure that all passage and item art supported content effectively. All content and art was developed, reviewed, and released in a proprietary content management system. Rainbow provided total project management, including oversight of content and art development.

  • Florida ELA Assessment
  • Florida ELA Assessment
  • Florida ELA Assessment
  • Florida ELA Assessment
Riverside Publishing
6Case Study: Outdoor Creative Play and Learning

Outdoor Creative Play and Learning System ©2008

PlayCore | Play & Park Structures

Rainbow teamed up with PlayCore, a leading playground equipment manufacturer, to develop the Outdoor Creative Play and Learning System.


PlayCore enlisted Rainbow to conceptualize, plan, and develop through release of finished goods, this boxed set of 100 activity cards for children pre-K through Grade 5. Each beautifully illustrated card provides educators with fresh ideas for sparking children’s creativity and imagination on the playground.

Product Description

Rainbow designed, produced, and manufactured all components, including the box, 100 activity cards, Teacher Guide, and Correlation Key.

On the editorial side, all activities align with key national standards across content areas, including language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, health, creative arts, and physical education.

Cards are divided into three tabbed sections, each containing a wide variety of activities for that specific grade span. Illustrations on the front of each card show how the activity might proceed on a “typical” school playground. The back of each card contains an easy-to-follow, 3-step instructional plan with suggestions for how to include children of all ability levels and needs.

  • Outdoor Creative Play Learning System
  • Owls Nest
  • Owl and Blue Jays
  • “PlayCore partnered with Rainbow to develop sets of creative outdoor play activity cards to enhance the learning experience for children in the outdoor play environment. The Rainbow creative team was a great partner for our team at PlayCore, and the programs we developed together are a huge success — loved by educators, programmers, and most importantly the children. It is a pleasure working with Rainbow, and the PlayCore companies look forward to collaborating on more projects (soon!) to help teachers bring active learning to the outdoors.”

    Lisa Moore, Sr. V.P. Corporate Strategic Services
Playcore | Play & Park Structures
7Case Study: Scott Foresman Art

Scott Foresman Art ©2005

Pearson Scott Foresman

Rainbow’s first project was Scott Foresman Reading: An American Tradition, way back in 1985. Over the next three decades, we continued to partner with this client, now Pearson, on the development of many successful programs across the various content areas. One such program was Scott Foresman Art.


Rainbow conceptualized and developed, from beginning to end, all components of this K–8 Art Program for Texas adoption. Our team planned and created the initial concepts, organized focus groups, and revised to final prototypes the Student Editions, Teacher Editions, Fine Art Prints, and all Ancillaries. Rainbow was responsible for editorial development, design, art, photography, and production through delivery of final files to printer. We managed a team of content experts and art teachers, three outside design groups, two production companies, several photographers and photo researchers, as well as hundreds of illustrators.

Product Description

This program included more than 11,000 pages and over 5,000 images—fine art, photography, and illustration. Rainbow tracked and managed all images in Scott Foresman’s image tracking system. The Student Editions totaled nearly 2,500 pages, and Teacher Editions totaled more than 7,500 pages. In addition to quality control, Rainbow managed and monitored all budgets and schedules. This project was completed on schedule and on budget. Scott Foresman Art achieved its goal of Texas adoption.

  • Elements of Art
  • Art is Everywhere
  • Color and Value
  • Look and Compare
  • Meet the Artist
  • Murals
  • Paint with Symmetry
  • Pearson Art Book
  • Portfolio Project
  • “I think the books look fabulous! The sales force seems happy to see the program and seems to feel comfortable talking about it with only minimal introduction. Thanks to every spectrum of the RAINBOW who worked so hard to get this program completed!”

    Cindy Greene, Former Editorial Director, Humanities, Pearson Scott Foresman
8Case Study: The InvestiGator Club

The InvestiGator Club ©2007

Robert-Leslie Publishing

From January 2005 through May 2006, Rainbow conceptualized and developed The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System for Robert-Leslie Publishing.


To develop this groundbreaking, fully-integrated Pre-K learning system, Rainbow conducted competitive analysis and market research, developed a program scope and sequence, planned and conceived the initial prototypes, organized focus groups, and revised to final concept the Teacher Editions, Art Prints, Lapbooks, Nonfiction Science Readers, and all Ancillaries, including a new storytelling component called Flapboards®.

Rainbow was responsible for complete project management and coordination, including editorial development, design, art, photography, and production for all components. We collaborated with two program authors, trained and led a team of content experts, and managed two outside design groups, multiple production companies (both overseas and in the U.S.), a photography studio, several photo researchers, and a team of freelance illustrators.

Product Description

This program included more than 3,000 pages of manuscript, as well as a set of magnetic foam numbers and letters, a set of seven original doll puppets, three audio CDs, two CD-ROMs, and thousands of illustrations. Rainbow tracked and managed permissions for all images and directed additional live photography sessions as needed.

Rainbow was responsible for all pages from the earliest planning stages through to releasing final application files to the prepress houses. In addition to quality control, Rainbow managed and monitored all budgets, workflows, and schedules.

This project was completed on schedule and on budget.

  • Learning Centers
  • Stands
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Dillys Music and Movement
  • Illustrated Covers
  • Covers
  • Cases
  • “We are so excited to see research become a living, breathing curriculum that combines tremendous child appeal with comprehensive teaching strategies! Essentially, the program takes scientific evidence documenting “best practices” and puts it into action in the classroom.”

    Drs. Craig T. Ramey and Sharon Landesman Ramey, Senior Program Advisors, Robert-Leslie Publishing
Robert Leslie Publishing

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  • “. . . I have been watching the Winter Olympics and would like to share an analogy. Although I am not a Curling fan, I did tune in just to see what the sport is all about. You are like the team members that work in front of the stone brushing the ice to smooth the pace. Gold medal guys. I look forward to the next one.”

    Patty Hosley, Former Associate Director, Elementary Social Studies, Harcourt School Publishers