Content is everything.

Rainbow provided a detailed skill alignment for the core texts and ancillary components of HMH’s Into Reading ©2020, Grades 1–6.

Rainbow’s highly-qualified team of Subject Matter Experts carefully reviewed and analyzed over 12,000 resources, including reading and writing workshop teacher guides, anchor charts, projectable content, student texts, and printable worksheets to determine the essential skills covered within each.

These skill-based metadata tags created by Rainbow’s team enable teachers to quickly and accurately search and identify resources within the Into Reading program that can then be used for targeted skill instruction based on student assessment and performance.

Rainbow developed the Focal Text Take and Teach Lessons & Book Club Discussion Guides to be used in connection with HMH’s Into Reading ©2020, National Edition.

These four-page lessons are designed for Book Club Discussion and include guided reading questions, support for English Learners, key vocabulary, and group project options.

Rainbow developed content for all lessons for Grades 1–6, a total of 288 pages. Each lesson includes a printable Book Club Discussion Guide, which the Rainbow team also created — an additional 456 pages.

Rainbow’s role included full-service content review from manuscript to soft proof for all components and grade levels.

G3 FT Lesson Sample

Tabletop Minilessons: English Language Development ©2020, Grades K–6 (Texas and National editions) is a large, easel-style component designed to support students’ everyday language acquisition across the domains of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and problem-solving.

Rainbow collaborated with HMH in researching and choosing high-quality images for the student-facing side of each lesson. In addition, our team developed all content for both student- and teacher-facing lessons for Grades K–6 for both Texas and National editions — a total of 1,188 pages.

The College Board’s SpringBoard English Language Development, California Edition Student Edition Consumable Worktexts provide students practice with the skills and resources they need to meet the challenging language and rigorous texts that are required reading in SpringBoard ELA. The Teacher Edition instruction focuses on explicit scaffolding and differentiation of the learning needs of English Learners in order to equip all students with the language resources needed to succeed in the academic setting.

Rainbow created all Student Edition and Teacher Edition content for Grades 9–12 of SpringBoard English Language Development ©2017, California Edition.

The Rainbow team provided full-service development for all editorial, design, and production tasks.

Springboard_ELD_G10_Unit Opener Sample

Springboard_ELD_G10_Activity Sample

Rainbow’s team of specialists handled editorial content development for an English Language Learner teacher instruction, Grades K–2, to be used in conjunction with Age of Learning’s ABCmouse Early Childhood Academy.


Designed for English learners and striving readers, INSIDE Language, Literacy, and Content ©2014 offers CCSS-aligned instruction in reading, writing, and language arts. Rainbow’s team developed the following Grades 6–8 components: Student Editions, Teacher Editions, Practice Books, Transparencies, and Assessment Handbooks.

Reach Language, Literacy, and Content ©2013 is designed to teach language, literacy, and content to English learners and striving readers and writers. Rainbow developed content for the Grade 3 Teacher Edition, Planning Charts, and Practice Masters. We also developed content and handled design and page composition in INDD file format (through final file delivery) for the Grades 1 and 4 Reteaching Masters and Answer Keys. Finally, for all components under our management, our team handled the correlation to Common Core State Standards.

Built upon the Common Core State Standards, On Our Way to English ©2010 is a comprehensive English language development program with “a focus on academic language and vocabulary development; thematic, content-based instruction; differentiated instruction for language and literacy; and a daily instructional routine in oral language, reading, and writing.” Rainbow handled complete editorial development for the Grades K–2 Teacher Guides and Assessment components.

Rainbow researched and created instructional plans and prototypes for HSP California Excursions ©2009. Our team then managed complete content development for the following components of this Grades K–6 English Language Development program: Teacher Guides, Practice Books, and Teacher Resource Books.

Rainbow handled editorial development as well as design and production for Grades K–1 of this groundbreaking ESL program from Hampton-Brown. Our team developed the following components for Avenues ©2004: Practice Books, Teacher Editions, Big Book, and Phonics Component.