Content is everything.

Rainbow provided a detailed skill alignment for the core texts and ancillary components of HMH’s Into Reading ©2020, Grades 1–6.

Rainbow’s highly-qualified team of Subject Matter Experts carefully reviewed and analyzed over 12,000 resources, including reading and writing workshop teacher guides, anchor charts, projectable content, student texts, and printable worksheets to determine the essential skills covered within each.

These skill-based metadata tags created by Rainbow’s team enable teachers to quickly and accurately search and identify resources within the Into Reading program that can then be used for targeted skill instruction based on student assessment and performance.

Rainbow’s team of early childhood specialists handled editorial content development, including all production review passes, for Phonics Practice Masters to be used in conjunction with Scholastic’s EDGE ©2018 literacy program.


As another example of Rainbow’s “soup-to-nuts” development capabilities, our team handled all phases of development for the Multi-Session Phonics Packets, Grades K–2, on Reading-Tutors.com. The ideation phase included the creation of a final Scope and Sequence for phonics instruction across the program, assigning new target elements and high-frequency words as the focus of each lesson, and identifying which elements to review from previous lessons.

The development phase included creating prototypes, developing content built to the Common Core State Standards, and handling all design and production, including illustrations and image tracking, for the following components: Teacher Guide Lesson Plans, Picture Cards, High-Frequency Word Cards, Sound/Letter Mats, Letter Cards, Phonics Practice Sheets, and Progress Report Forms.

When Steck-Vaughn wanted a new phonics program that would introduce Kindergarten children to beginning phonics in a developmentally appropriate way, they asked Rainbow to come up with the plan and prototype for this program. We worked with the editorial and design teams to develop the concept of First Time Phonics ©1991, and went on to create the entire program start to finish, which became one of Steck-Vaughn’s leading brands and most successful products to date.

Modern Curriculum Press had traditionally been the brand and the model that educators looked to for classic phonics instruction. As other educational publishers tried to emulate MCP methods and success with their own programs, MCP decided to stay a step ahead by introducing innovative hands-on activities into their phonics curriculum. They hired Rainbow to add the creative spark to the iconic MCP Phonics (Plaid Series) ©1987, which then launched the program to many more years of unparalleled success in the reading world.