SpringBoard Knowledge Workshops, Middle School

SpringBoard Knowledge Workshops, Middle School

The College Board

SpringBoard Knowledge Workshops, Grades 6–8 ©2021, focus on building knowledge and vocabulary of topics, themes, and ideas. The curriculum includes topic-specific or theme-specific essential questions that focuses learning and sustains student inquiry. Through creative design, the instruction builds students’ vocabulary related to the topic, emphasizes the practice of rereading texts, asks questions that require students to integrate and synthesize knowledge from multiple texts, engages students in academic conversations about the topic, and provides opportunities for students to express understanding of a topic with writing-to-source prompts. Each grade level includes 10 Knowledge Sets.

Rainbow provided full-service development for all editorial, design, and production tasks, including ADA compliance, for the Middle School Student Editions and Teacher Editions.

G7-W7_Unit Opener Sample

G8-W8_Activity Sample