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The Digital Citizenship Curriculum ©2019 offered by Common Sense Education prepares students to “take ownership of their digital lives.” The lessons and interactive games provide students with the digital citizenship skills required to participate fully in their communities and to make smart choices online and in life. The curriculum prepares students with critical 21st-century skills, supports educators, and engages the whole family through outreach.

Rainbow worked collaboratively with Common Sense Education to develop the Grades 6–8 lesson outlines, lesson plans, student handouts, lesson slides, and end-of-lesson quizzes.

Rainbow’s team was also responsible for correlating the content to the following sets of standards: Common Core, ISTE, CASEL, and AASL.

In addition, Rainbow provided Spanish translations for all lessons, student handouts, lessons slides, end-of-lesson quizzes, parent tip sheets, and family activity handouts.

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Kids Discover ©2018 is a social studies program that delivers engaging content in the form of highly visual and student-friendly Magazines with accompanying Teacher’s Guides. Rainbow developed content for both California and National Editions of the Teacher’s Guides for Grades K–3, a total of 12 Teacher’s Guides. Additional components created by Rainbow included more than 1,400 ancillary pages (approximately 630 for the California edition and 830 for the National edition) and 18 Online Literature Selections for Grades K–6.

Read 180 Universal ©2016 is an intensive reading intervention program for Grades 4–12 that uses a flexible blended learning instructional approach for struggling readers. Based on the latest research in brain and cognitive functioning, Read 180 Universal includes support in reading, writing, oral language, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. Rainbow developed content for anchor passages in the student application’s Reading Zone and numerous types of online, interactive activities in the Explore Zone, Language Zone, and Writing Zone.

Built to the Common Core State Standards for English and Language Arts, SRA FLEX Literacy ©2014 is a comprehensive reading and language arts intervention system with three learning experiences that blend Web-based and teacher-led instruction with collaborative learning. Rainbow developed whole-group, small-group, and independent activity content for both The Digital Experience and The Project Experience. Content included: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Animation Scripts; Critical Thinking Applications; Individualized Instruction Lessons; Portfolio Projects; Background Video Scripts; e-Presentations; and Pre-Project Lessons for Grades 3–8.

Day 1 Engage

Day 3 Research

Days 12–13 Write and Present