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Rainbow developed assessment passages and items to be used in conjunction with The College Board’s SpringBoard English Language Arts ©2020-2021, Grades 9–12 (Texas Edition) and Grades 6–8, English I, English II, English III, English IV (National Edition).

The assessment program is designed to assist students to develop and refine skills in critical thinking, close reading, and writing in various genres.

At each grade level, Rainbow developed content for two separate types of assessments—Activity Quizzes and Unit Assessments. Activity Quizzes are designed to assess students’ understanding of the Learning Targets and Focus Standards taught in each activity. Unit Assessments are longer cumulative assessments that test students’ understanding of the reading, writing, and language standards taught throughout an entire unit.

Rainbow’s team of assessment experts handled start-to-finish passage and item development including analysis of existing items and creation of Blueprint planning documents. Rainbow handled the literature search for permissioned text stimuli as well as developed new content for commissioned text stimuli. Item types, developed in Learnosity’s authoring tool, included multiple-choice, multi-select, two-part, drag and drop, highlighting, and matching.

All items are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the Texas edition or the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for the National edition.

Rainbow’s team of assessment experts handled the development of approximately 300 passages and 1,500 multiple-choice and technology-enhanced items to be used in connection with HMH’s Into Reading ©2020, Grades K–5.

Passages at grades 2–5 were written to meet grade-specific Lexile ranges, and the items at all grade levels were aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). All passages and items were created using the online authoring tool Learnosity.

For kindergarten, Rainbow’s team created fiction and nonfiction listening comprehension passages with corresponding multiple-choice items. Our team also developed stand-alone, multiple-choice items to assess phonics and high-frequency words.

For first grade, Rainbow developed decodable fiction and nonfiction reading passages with corresponding multiple-choice items. In addition to these passage-specific items, our team also created stand-alone items to assess phonics, high-frequency words, and grammar.

At grades 2–5, Rainbow created fiction and nonfiction reading passages and multiple-choice, constructed response, multi-select, ordering, and matching items associated with each passage. Our team also created embedded error passages with corresponding multiple-choice items.


The Digital Citizenship Curriculum ©2019 offered by Common Sense Education prepares students to “take ownership of their digital lives.” The lessons and interactive games provide students with the digital citizenship skills required to participate fully in their communities and to make smart choices online and in life. The curriculum prepares students with critical 21st-century skills, supports educators, and engages the whole family through outreach.

Rainbow worked collaboratively with Common Sense Education to develop the Grades 6–8 lesson outlines, lesson plans, student handouts, lesson slides, and end-of-lesson quizzes.

Rainbow’s team was also responsible for correlating the content to the following sets of standards: Common Core, ISTE, CASEL, and AASL.

In addition, Rainbow provided Spanish translations for all lessons, student handouts, lessons slides, end-of-lesson quizzes, parent tip sheets, and family activity handouts.

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iREAD™ is a new digital reading program from Scholastic, designed to support all foundational outcomes of the Common Core State Standards. Rainbow developed content for 90 book-specific lessons across three Teaching Guides, Grades K–2, for the iREAD™ Guided Close Reading Print Library ©2014. Our team also used a Text Complexity Scoring Rubric to review those 90 student books in order to assign a qualitative Text Complexity Measure for each title.

iRead Inside Spread

Rainbow’s team handled all phases of development for the Multi-Session Comprehension Packets, Grades K–2, on Reading-Tutors.com. Development included creating prototypes, developing content built to the Common Core State Standards, and handling all design and production, including illustrations and image tracking, for the following components: Teacher Guide Lesson Plans, Picture Cards, Word Cards, Question Cards, Game Boards, and Comprehension Quizzes.

iLIT ©2013 is a tablet-based reading intervention program for students in Grades 4–10. Rainbow created the 150-Day Instructional Plans for Grade 10. Digital content development included teacher instruction, application tips, e-presentations, ELL instruction, professional development, video and animation specs, as well as alignment and correlation to Common Core State Standards.

Built to the Common Core State Standards for English and Language Arts, SRA FLEX Literacy ©2014 is a comprehensive reading and language arts intervention system with three learning experiences that blend Web-based and teacher-led instruction with collaborative learning. Rainbow developed whole-group, small-group, and independent activity content for both The Digital Experience and The Project Experience. Content included: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Animation Scripts; Critical Thinking Applications; Individualized Instruction Lessons; Portfolio Projects; Background Video Scripts; e-Presentations; and Pre-Project Lessons for Grades 3–8.

Day 1 Engage

Day 3 Research

Days 12–13 Write and Present

Scientific Learning’s Reading Assistant is an online reading and fluency program designed for beginning readers, English language learners, and struggling readers. Rainbow developed content for the Teacher Resource Guides for Grades K–5. Development included ideation, prototypes, InDesign production templates, content development, design and production through final file delivery, and alignment and correlation to Common Core State Standards.

Close Reading Packs ©2014 “promote careful analysis of text while building the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.” For each pack, Grades 2–6, Rainbow developed four leveled student passages for close reading and one additional applied learning passage to be used with a culminating activity. Rainbow also developed customized Teacher Instruction and Student Response Sheets for each pack.

This project, built to the Common Core State Standards, involved full-service “soup to nuts” product development: editorial content; prototypes; InDesign templates; design and production through final file delivery; art creation, photo research, and image tracking; passage leveling and scoring; and CCSS correlations. During the ideation phase of the project, Rainbow created a full program Scope and Sequence as well as a Topics Chart for all 300 passages.

Rainbow developed the content for the Grade 5 Teacher Guide (Print and Online) of NG Ladders ©2013, a series of Common Core Readers with a strong focus on science and social studies topics, each written at four different reading levels. Rainbow handled content development, design, page composition in InCopy-enabled InDesign file format, full review of Printer PDFs on InSite, production through final file delivery, and alignment and correlation to Common Core State Standards.